Fresh Seafood Menu

We're confident that one of life's greatest joys is fresh, local seafood eaten right by the beach. A day of digging your toes in the sand followed by the flavor of grilled shrimp in your mouth — well, it's the closest to paradise we can bring you. After a joy-packed day at Rehoboth Beach, it's only natural to keep the fun flowing with some tasty local seafood for dinner.

After all, you don't go to the beach to see a rodeo or scale a mountain. You go to the beach to eat the freshest, tastiest seafood you can find!

Some restaurants require a complex operation to get seafood from the coast to their inland location. At Crust & Craft, our supply is the Atlantic Ocean, and it's right down the street. Pizza's our passion, but seafood is our home — it's time to experience what we have to offer.

Indulge in Fresh, Local Seafood at Rehoboth Beach

Our expert chefs take great care and use just the right amount of innovation to prepare each dish. Take our wood-roasted octopus appetizers as an example. Spiced. Herbal. Tender. Cooked to perfection and infused with a mouth-watering amount of flavor, each bite leaves you with its own signature taste.

Now, let's introduce our classic entree — the Seafood Bucatini. There's nothing tiny about the portions you'll find in this shrimp, mussel, crab and spicy tomato sauce bliss, spiced and laid into a bed of handcrafted pasta noodles.

Peckish for a taste of seafood, but not in the mood for a heavy dish? Choose one of our fresh salads like a classic Caesar or a roasted beet salad, and add your choice of seafood as a topping. We can easily garnish your greens with sautéed shrimp or roasted octopus.

Any day of the week at Crust & Craft, you'll discover that our 3-7 PM Happy Hour offers the most delicious mussels around. Pan-roasted and dripping with salty goodness, this dish includes a healthy sprinkle of oregano and spicy sausage. We may be a bit biased, but we think these mussels give you a lot to write home about.

Stop by Our Restaurant for Local Seafood Near Lewes, DE

Sample our aquatic fare, and you'll have no regret about skipping the rodeo or mountain trek. You're at the beach — enjoy all of its perks!

Have any questions? Join us for a meal or Happy Hour at Crust & Craft along Coastal Highway. Call us at (302) 313-5029 or contact us and we'll be happy to tell you more!